Hands-on Help for Successful Transitions


Transitioning your business is not an organic process. Whether you’re selling your business to a family member, an employee, or an outside buyer, the transition itself will not magically occur with the stroke of a pen. There are issues that go beyond the legal and financial that must be addressed if the business is to continue to run seamlessly and profitably.

ReGeneration Family Business Transitions works with small to medium-sized businesses on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Our clients include artisans, builders, food producers, manufacturers, and professional service providers. We focus on family businesses, particularly those transitioning from one generation to another, with a few noteworthy exceptions if the fit is right.

Gary Linford, Founder and Principal – Gary’s career has been equal parts ‘doing’ business and ‘teaching’ business. He has implemented successful marketing strategies in the finance industry, managed regional buying operations for a major retailer, been general manager for an international manufacturer, and built the initial enrolment for Canada’s first private university. He was the Dean of Business at Camosun College, and has taught college, undergraduate, and graduate-level business courses. This unique background, along with a creative mindset, diplomatic personality, and an MBA from one of the best business schools in North America, lets him deliver exceptional coaching, facilitation and business education services to his clients.

Carol Vincent, Principal – Carol began her career in editorial communications before switching into advertising, where she became an award-winning creative director and copywriter. For 15 years, her agency Redbird Communications has helped businesses and non-profits in Canada and abroad successfully communicate with their target audiences, using online and offline tactics.

Faculty — ReGeneration’s professors of practice bring book learning and street smarts to the classroom. These skilled professionals in management, human resources, operations, strategy, marketing, leadership, and other business fundamentals share theory, practical advice, and lively anecdotes with ReGeneration clients.