General Managers

Entrepreneurs may be born but a general manager needs focused training

General Managers

To enable the effective transition from the day-to-day operations of the business an owner must be confident to let go. ReGeneration applies specific training approaches to help a general manager develop her/his skills and those of the leadership team to a level that makes it easy for the owner to do so. The General Manager Training Program provides leadership training and development for the person who will assume responsibility for the daily operations. The training program comprises three parts:

The General Manager Peer Advisory Board – The core of the program is a 4-hour monthly peer advisory learning model (comprising a maximum of six GMs from non-competing businesses). Participants meet in a private and confidential setting to discuss the main principles and challenges faced by general managers operating in a small business setting, including how to effectively engage with the transitioning owner. Management problems are identified and discussed, and solutions presented.

Business Training – Twelve virtual business workshops are delivered by ‘professors of practice’ covering topics essential to the role of the GM, including:

  1. Problem solving and decision making
  2. Delegating tasks so you can focus on vital priorities
  3. Hiring the right people and establishing accountability
  4. Measuring asset performance – the ROI factor
  5. Building a one-page (two-sided) plan to lead your team
  6. Documenting key processes
  7. Marketing to a strategic focus
  8. Connecting production and operating systems
  9. Leading when nobody is looking
  10. Communicating effectively
  11. Developing good people through mentoring and professional development
  12. Tying together the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Report

Note: The 12 workshops are available to additional members of a company’s leadership team at a preferred rate.

Coaching – A confidential one-on-one monthly coaching session is included with the General Manager Training Program. The coaching will focus on what the GM is experiencing on the job, reinforce what they are learning in the workshops, and track how successfully they are implementing what they are learning.

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