In Their Own Words


“Gary has a keen understanding of the needs of a business and its systems. He has helped us maximize the benefit we get from business peer review work and coaching. He is a valuable and important member of our team.”

Jeff and Sharon Germain, Owners
Island Beltone Hearing Care


“I have enjoyed being a part of ReGeneration. As the sole owner of a business it can be a lonely experience.  It is very rewarding to be able to bounce ideas and problems off other business owners who have often faced similar situations. It is also a rich learning experience trying to help other owners with their issues. The monthly coaching sessions provide opportunity for deeper discussion and help keep me focused on the big issues. Thanks Gary!”

John Lore, President
Live Edge Design


“Working with Gary and my ReGeneration advisory board has reshaped my business and taken it to an exciting new level. Gary and my board members keep me accountable to my goals and help me refocus when I need to. With the one-on-one business coaching and the diverse backgrounds on the board, I get feedback that any business owner could benefit from and would pay far more to get from individual professionals.”

Alana Elliott, Founder and President


“After trying different business consultants and business groups, we were drawn to Gary with his very direct, proactive approach, and have been satisfied clients since 2012. Gary gave us tools that we could easily integrate into our small business and taught us how to be proactive and ‘run the business’, instead of being reactive and allowing the business to ‘run us’. Initially the monthly fee seemed like a luxury, however in retrospect, we have found it to be a smart investment. Gary has been navigating us through the long and arduous road to a successful succession, so we can achieve our ultimate goal – passive income for an early retirement. 

We find Gary's sage counsel, as well as that of the advisory board, invaluable, as small businesses rarely benefit from a formal board of directors, and often face difficult decisions without any guidance. The members of our board offer different perspectives that demonstrate to us that we are at times too close to the situation to see all the avenues. We learn not only from Gary's extensive background and education, but from the board members' years of experience in business. We also receive satisfaction from being able to help other board members with our own experiences over the past 26 years in business.”

Rachelle McGregor, Co-owner
Rada Resurfacing


“Like most small business owners, we get so caught up in operating our business that we have difficulty pulling back to see the big picture. Working with Gary as a coach provides us with a knowledgeable trusted advisor and an objective viewpoint. Participating on the ReGeneration Board gave us a neutral, confidential space to discuss issues and ideas with other business owners as well as some much-needed accountability around setting and meeting goals. We have also really enjoyed the camaraderie and moral support that comes from a group of peers who are all facing similar issues." 

Caroll Taiji, President
Taiji Brand Group